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My name is Jenny. I purchased a Droid 4 for my youngest son through our cell phone provider verizon.

He has only had the phone for a little over a year. I spent over $400.00 the FIRST time to activate his phone for him. Within several days, his phone was not charging. We took it back to verizon to see what could be done and they told me I had to use my insurance I purchased for the phone in order to get another one because it was a Motorola product.

That was another $100.00 and the phone was brand new! They sent us home with a new one. Within another week, it was doing the same thing. We again went back to verizon and they called motorola.

Motorola said to send the phone to them and they would inspect it to see if anything was wrong. We ended up with a refurbished (used) phone the second time. Motorola received our phone and sent me an e-mail saying the phone had been damaged! I believe they were lying because my son had not even had his phone but for a few days.

Most recently, my son returned from boot camp(March 2013)and we re-activated his service and it has been doing the same thing it always has..... NOT charging. I have read several complaints regarding this phone and its charging port, however, Motorola refused to take responsibility for this issue and they put it back on the consumer saying their phones have been damaged. This in turn leaves us (the customer) NO choice but to stay with this phone unless we want to pay full price for another brand!

I am tired of the run-around and the lack of decency with this company. I have never had to spend so much money just for one phone. Thank goodness I am up for renewal again with my cell phone provider because I will NEVER use another Motorola product just for this reason!

This company needs to take responsibility for their Droid phones (and who knows of any other phones) because it will keep happening to other customers as well. Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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