I was so excited when the Razr finally came out that I paid full price - 1) first *** mistake. After buying the phone I faced one problem after another to start you're lucky if the battery lasts 4 hours no matter how long you charge the thing as if 2)Motorola knew this when they made the phone as they had another Razr coming down the production line to ensure you had a battery that lasted the day through.

You can't at this point without once again paying full price get this version of the phone.

The battery isn't the only issue this phone has it also crashes/locks up - loses information and a whole mess of things especially when it comes to the wifi/4g area - if you aren't in a 4g area it pings and pings over and over trying to get it so of course that kills the battery but beyond that it drops calls - after having it awhile because I'm stuck with this phone the screen stops sensing your touch on a whim but this is a problem that is like your car and taking it to the mechanic so if it won't do it while you're standing in front of an agent the costly insurance you pay each month is worthless. I was so tormented by all the issues I was having with no support from Verizon that I had to use another members (family plan) upgrade to get me an IPhone - I'm content with the IPhone 4

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Worst phone ever


The DROID RAZR is the worst phone ever. The "super strong gorilla glass" shattered the first time I dropped it and the phone constantly restarts.

The battery also never lasts me more than 3 hours. Its such a poorly made piece of ***.

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