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I contacted Motorola 8-28-2014 through their customer service phone number to complain that my camera was no longer working. It displayed an error message and ceased to continue functioning. The customer service representative emailed me links in order to resolve my issue since the things I had to do required turning off my phone. I tried the options "Errol" emailed me, which included clearing the cached and restarting my phone to manufacturer default.

This did not resolve my issue and I again contacted customer service on 9-2-2014. This time, I spoke to another gentlemen, "Jesse" in which he offered to exchange my defective phone for a "certified like new" phone. "Jesse" was extremely helpful and even offered me the option of either sending in my phone or having Motorola send me a phone. I'm lucky I elected the latter option, as my certified like new never arrived even though my phone was completed before 7pm EST, I would receive my replacement device within one working day, as per the email that was sent out to me with tracking information.

I contacted Motorola again on 9-3-2014 via their online chat and chatted with "Rhonilo." I learned from "Rhonilo" that my phone was currently out of stock and he was unavailable to provide with any further information. I asked "Rhonilo" why I was not informed of this delay in which he replied that he would escalate my order. The Motorola Repair Escalation Support Team tried to contact me via phone 9-7-2014 about my pending case.

I called Motorola 9-10-2014 and spoke to a "Robert" who was completely unapologetic in demeanor and could only tell me that my order was in the warehouse on to be processed. He could not offer me further information. I became increasingly frustrated and told Robert that I wanted to completely cancel my exchange since their was nothing that was being escalated or expedited about my case. I chatted with "Alejandra" 9-10-2014 and she continually told me that I needed to contact the Repair Team. Robert put me on a brief hold to cancel my order but when he returned to the line, there was complete silence. I am so utterly frustrated and disappointed with Motorola and its associates.

There was no escalation into my order and so far, this is no charge to my credit card of $99 for the security deposit. I was contacted by "Taryn" shortly after my first complaint. She informed me through a voicemail message and email that the original phone I had, a Motorola Moto X Turquoise, is no longer in stock and that I had to either choose black or white instead. I received the call and email 9-11-2014. I emailed her my reply as well as a reply of my free accessories totaling $50. My email was never acknowledged or confirmed, so I assumed that it was being processed.

I contacted Motorola again 9-16-2014 after checking that the status on my order had still not been completed. I chatted with a representative once more. "Alejandra" informed me that my phone was again out of stock. She failed to answer any and if not all of my questions and referred me to the Motorola Repair Escalation Team.

I called Motorola at 18007345870 and spoke to Kevin. He transferred me instead to Motorola's "White Glove" team. I spoke with "Amanda" regarding my order and asked why my order was delayed and I was not informed of it. She claimed that my phone was in stock and could not answer as to why I was told otherwise. She informed me that the email I originally sent to Taryn was never received and that they were awaiting my reply. My outbox clearly shows that my email was sent out. She told me that she could either offer me the white or black version but the white version required approval from the IT firm because of it's different SKU (Would't the black have a different SKU # as well?????????). She claimed again that my email was never received. I then told her that because she cannot do anything for me, I wanted to speak to a manager. During our entire conversation, she was quiet and offered little help.

I was transferred to "Michael" who told me the same things as Amanda. I became increasingly frustrated because he claimed that my response was never received through email. I asked him if I could email him a screenshot of my reply in which he said I may but he failed to give me an email address. I asked that since my email was never received, I would like to use my $50 allowance towards credit towards the Motorola Moto X Second Generation phone instead because this issue had been taking so long to resolve. He replied that he could not do that because he could not use his codes to give me a different phone. I repeatedly asked him what my other options were regarding my order and he repeatedly informed me that I could either choose the black or white Moto X and tell him what I wanted in accessories. I told him that wasn't good enough. I asked again why my $50 credit could not be used towards the newer version of my phone if it was only a $20 upgrade. Again, Michael claimed that it was something he could not do. I told Michael that he needed to cancel my entire order because he is unwilling to give me what I want. He continually asked me what he could do. I again asked him to give me the Second Generation phone, which again he refused. He claimed that he did not know who this "Alejandra" person was who I chatted with telling me that my phone was on back order. I told him to cancel my order and he again asked what he could do for me. I told him he needed to cancel my order and I was done working with Motorola.

During my entire two weeks with trying to resolve my order, nothing has been done. I've been running around with this company trying to get a replacement phone. I have had no sympathy or empathy in doing so. The representatives are excruciatingly unhelpful and rude. Do not buy from Motorola.

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Update 1:

I listed my complaint on BBB twice before I heard back from Motorola following my Michael incidence.

"Kristin" called and emailed to apologize for my delay.

She informed me to call her with my incident number that I have had from day one of my fiasco. I refused to call her back because I knew she did not sound at all sincere in wanting to help me and was quite shocked and annoyed that I listed a complaint on BBB.

Instead BBB contacted me in which Kristin's remedy was to follow up with me. I told BBB that that was not good enough for me and I no longer wanted any contact with Motorola after all of my disservice.

I attached my email that I sent to "Taryn" that Michael and Amanda claimed to have never received.

Kristin emailed me a few days later apologizing again and then asked me to send her proof of purchase either through fax or email. I screen captured my emails just for proof in case she tried to play the "we never received your response" game like Michael. I attached a total of four screen shots, two showing the camera error message and the other two showing my receipts. Kristin took her sweet time in replying, well over a week, before emailing a response in what to do next.

In her response, she said that the refund process will take up to 4-6 weeks after receiving my product with a prepaid shipping label provided by them through fed ex.

I have yet to send in my phone since I am on a prepaid plan through us cellular. Once my month is over will I then send in my phone for a refund, which I doubt will be given!

If that happens to be the case, a third BBB complaint will be filed! Never ever buy from Motorola!!!


I totally agree worse phone I ever had. I called motorolo to get help all I got was a representative erased my phone completely with out my permission.

Then nobody can help you all they want to do is send you another phone. They don't even offer you and upgrade they only say I'm sorry. Who's wants to hear that when your working with a broken phone.

My opinion and this is my option to the public. DONT EVER GET A MOTOROLO PHONE.TRUST ME YOU WILL BE SORRY.

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